Winchester Science Museum and Planetarium

Year 5 went on a trip to Winchester Science Museum as part of their learning about Earth and Space.

They began the day with a minibeast workshop where they used digital microscopes to identify different materials; examine what meal worms were eating within a tank; and create an ant colony by finding hidden essential items and removing any unwanted threats.

After lunch, they visited the planetarium. This was an exciting experience where it gave the feeling of being in space. They explored the different planets up close and were able to consolidate their learning from school. Part of this experience was exploring the different star constellations - who would have know there were so many?

The rest of the day was dedicated to exploring the wide range of exhibits, including working collaboratively to operate a crane, learning names in British Sign Language, pretending to be an astronaut and many more.

It was an exciting day and everyone had lots of fun. A special thank you to Mrs Oates, Mrs Jones and Mrs East for volunteering to come along and help.


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