Christmas Performance Tickets

Parents are now able to request tickets through Scopay for the following events

  • KS1 Christmas Performance (1.45pm on Tues 12th or 10am on Wed 13th)
  • KS2 Christmas Performance (10am on Tues 12th or 1.45pm on Wed 13th)

Parents are able to request up to 2 tickets per family for KS1 and KS2. Please complete the form on Scopay which is linked to the account of the oldest sibling in KS1 and in KS2. The deadline to complete the form is Tuesday 21st November . This will enable us to confirm numbers.

If you have any issues completing this form or other considerations, such as separated parents, please email the school office including your child’s name and class with an explanation so that the admin team can action.

No physical paper tickets will be provided. An email confirmation of allocated numbers will be sent out after the booking deadline. You will be asked to register when you arrive for the performance.

Reception parents do not need to book tickets for their Nativity at St Marks Church, however due to space limitations, we ask that only 2 members of each family attend.

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