WRAP - Extended School Provision


Our Extended School Provision is run at the school as Breakfast and After School club called WRAP Club.

Breakfast WRAP Club runs from 7:30 - 8:45 cost of £5.90

After School WRAP Club runs from 15:15 - 18:00 cost of £12.85 (£9.00 for part afternoon place)

At our WRAP Club, we aim to create an environment for the children to ease in to and out of their school day, allowing them to choose from a variety of activities, do homework, play with friends and chat to staff. We want them to feel engaged, happy and calm.

At breakfast WRAP, the children are able to choose from a variety of foods such as: cereal, yogurt, croissants, bagels and fruit. There are activities set up to engage the children and help them to start the day off in a calm and mindful way. At 8:45, the children are then able to join other pupils that have arrived in the school playground.

The afternoon WRAP session starts with our snack. Each afternoon we prepare an assortment of healthy foods for the children to choose from. There is always a type of bread, a meat, 2 types of fruit, 2 vegetables, some spreads and crackers. We also have a large jug of water and cups ready to use at all times. The children are encouraged to choose what they would like for snack and enjoy making their plates of food (selecting some inventive sandwich fillings, among other imaginative foody creations) and chit-chatting together while they eat.

WRAP Club is set up to provide the children with a host of different activities. We have a colouring station, a reading area, a small world zone (toy animals, dinosaurs, cars etc.), a construction area (Lego, construction straws, marble run), a games table, a dress-up box, a homework area and the use of our playgrounds – with readily available sports equipment for the children to use. The space is set up to be open and free flow, for the children to pick and choose what they would like to do. They are also welcomed to ask for certain activities or equipment to be out as we want the children to feel included.

At WRAP Club, we aim to make sure the children are cared for, allowing them to be creative, active, relaxed… whatever they’d like. We are there to support them and keep an eye on them from before the start of the school day, until home-time.

WRAP Club Information

Breakfast and After School Club Registration Form (1).pdf

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