Academy Trust Transition Q&A

An email address has been set-up for parents/carers to submit questions regarding the transition to the new Academy Trust -

Questions received will be collated by the school office and passed to the Governors who will answer questions.

What is the current status of the transition?

Whilst resolution of the reception building issue progresses, in parallel South Farnham Educational Trust (SFET) have now started the transition process through communications with governors, staff and parents/carers. A team from SFET are already working closely with Steve Meakin (Interim Headteacher) to ensure the transition will be as smooth as possible. Communication meetings have been planned to allow parents/carers and prospective parents/carers to meet with the new school leadership team and discuss the transition plan in more detail.

When will the move to SFET be completed?

The target date for the transition process to be completed is 1st July. This is, however, dependent on a number of factors such as resolution of the reception building issue and staff consultation. We will continue to keep you informed as things progress.

Will SFET be changing the name of the school & the uniform?

Having spoken with a number of groups including the governors, and reviewed parent feedback, SFET have decided to change the school's name to Normandy Village School to reflect the broader geographical spread of the catchment. The school uniform will remain red but a new uniform with the new school logo will be available directly from the school before the summer holidays. Parents/carers are advised that children can continue to wear their current uniform until it becomes worn out or parents decide they would like to change it.

Has a new Headteacher been appointed to take over once the school has moved to SFET?

Mr Jonathan Franks has been appointed by South Farnham Education Trust as the Headteacher and will officially take up his post from the transition date. In the meantime, he is working through a detailed handover with Steve Meakin.

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